Arch. Ilian Iliev CEO, Planning

Arch. Ilian Iliev

Arch. Iskren Galev partner, PAM Consult

Arch. Iskren Galev

Dipl. Eng. Alexander Stoyanov Manager Building Technologies Department, Siemens Bulgaria

Marek Paranič Regional Export Director, ES-SYSTEM

Marek Paranič ES-SYSTEM is the biggest and most active Polish company in the sector of lighting. Can you briefly introduce it to our readers as business history? What are the main products and services you offer? ES-SYSTEM company was founded in 1990 and since the very beginning the idea and the strate..


Arch. Ivaylo Petkov 10 Architects

Arch. Ivaylo Petkov

Arch. Milena Nanova CEO, Studio 17.5-M

Arch. Milena Nanova

Prof. Arch. Valeri Ivanov CEO, ATEK-VD

Prof. Arch. Valeri Ivanov

Arch. Kaloyan Kolev ATEK-VD

Arch. Kaloyan Kolev

Dipl. Eng. Valentin Chavdarski CEO, Ri-Sof

Dipl. Eng. Valentin Chavdarski

Arch. Iliya Evrev ProArch

Arch. Iliya Evrev

Arch. Sofiya Micheva 10 Architects

Arch. Sofiya Micheva

Pavel Marinikov Director Business Development

Pavel Marinikov

Dipl. Eng. Designer Bozhana Yordanova development design program expert

Dipl. Eng. Designer Bozhana Yordanova

Arch. Alexander Boyadzhiev development design program expert

Arch. Alexander Boyadzhiev

Arch. Nikolay Simeonov CEO, Vamos

Arch. Nikolay Simeonov

Arch. Borislav Bogdanov CEO, Amfion

Arch. Borislav Bogdanov

Arch. Nikolay Parpov CEO, A&M Consult

Arch. Nikolay Parpov

Arch. Galina Stoyanova-Mollova Elite Studio

Arch. Galina Stoyanova-Mollova

Arch. Andrey Velinov CEO, VISTA POINT

Arch. Andrey Velinov

Kaloyan Todorov Managing Partner, Syntegra Partners

Kaloyan Todorov

Dipl. Eng. Dimitar Mankov Specialist "Products and Applications" - "Building Systems"

Dipl. Eng. Dimitar Mankov

Atanas Garov Managing Partner, Garitage Investment Management

Atanas Garov

Arch. Nikolay Traykov Manager Design and Construction and Investment Control, America for Bulgaria Foundation

Arch. Nikolay Traykov

Arch. Dimcho Tilev CEO, Tilev Architects

Arch. Dimcho Tilev

Arch. Nikolay Nyagolov Chairman of Christian Architecture and Arts Foundation Nikola Fichev - Zachari Zograf

Arch. Nikolay Nyagolov

Alis Magardichyan Manager Investments, Regional Urban Development Fund

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